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McCormick Heating & Cooling are the HVAC contractors for you.

For more than 15 years, we have been providing HVAC repairs and installation services to Platteville, Longmont, Greeley, Fort Collins and the surrounding areas. We guarantee your satisfaction on all of our AC, and furnace installation and repair services. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please give us a call and one of our qualified techs will come back and see what we can do to meet your needs. McCormick Heating & Cooling is locally owned and operated and we pride ourselves on our honest quotes and competitive rates. We provide exceptional customer care and AC, and boiler installation and repairs.

Whether you need residential or commercial heating and AC repair or installation services, call McCormick Heating & Cooling. We are the leading HVAC, and furnace repair and installation service providers based out of Platteville, CO.

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We are locally owned and operated and guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Is it Stifling in Your Northern Colorado Home?

McCormick Heating & Cooling can cool you down

Nobody likes when their air conditioning decides to call it quits. When that happens, don’t panic, call McCormick Heating & Cooling.

Our HVAC contractors can fix any problem with the AC unit at your Northern Colorado home or business. With more than 15 years of experience, we will come to your home, assess the problems with your air conditioner and suggest any needed repairs or installation services.

We are locally owned and operated and guarantee your satisfaction 100 percent. We pride ourselves on our exceptional AC repair and installation services and honest quotes. Whether you need commercial or residential AC services, McCormick Heating & Cooling has you covered.

Our services include:

AC repair

AC installation



Duct work installation

Mini splits

When you work with our repair and installation experts, you will receive a competitive rate and exceptional AC work. In addition to our air conditioning repair and installation services, we can also fix your boiler and furnace issues.

If you’re tired of sweltering in the Northern Colorado heat, call our AC repair and installation experts at 720-217-4801 or 970-785-1711. We are the leading HVAC contractors in the area when you’re air conditioner decides to stop working.

Tired of freezing in your Northern Colorado home?

Your leading heating expert

When your heater goes out, don’t hesitate to call our furnace repair and installation experts. For more than 15 years, McCormick Heating & Cooling has been repairing boilers and furnaces in Northern Colorado homes.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be comfortable in the biggest investment you have. Whether you need commercial heating or residential heating repair or installation services, we have the experts you need.

Our services include:

Boiler repair

Boiler installation

Forced air furnaces

Heat pumps

Garage heater/tube heater repair or installation

Gas Furnace

Electric Furnace

High Efficiency Furnace

In addition to our heating repair and installation services, McCormick Heating & Cooling can also repair your existing AC or install a new one.

If you’re tired of freezing in your Northern Colorado home, and want honest work from a trusted HVAC contractor, call MCormick Heating & Cooling at 720-217-4801 or 970-785-1711. We guarantee your satisfaction 100 percent and want you to be just as comfortable in your home or business as you were when you first unlocked the front door.

Affordable Service

We are getting closer and closer to winter! It's wise to make sure your furnace is in good working order before the cold weather sneaks up on us. One of our certified technicians will check your furnace's operation, perform a safety inspection and check for gas leaks and carbon monoxide. This service is just $40! Be sure to call 720-217-4801 or 970-785-1711 and make your appointment today. It is Colorado, and the weather is always hard to predict.

$40 Furnace Check and Clean Special

Ask about this special discount when you place a service request.